Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is Sanze Profit?

Sanze Profit is a dream brought to reality by a group of long time friends. Several months ago, we started investing our money into Forex trading. Subsequently we added other investment opportunities, in order to diversify our investments; such as mining, crypto currencies (especially Bitcoin and Ethereum), dropshipping and sports arbitrage. Now we are discovering new opportunities like p2p lending and masternodes (always regarding crypto currencies). Day by day, we keep studying to improve our knowledge and experience, in order to reach new achievements.

2- Why did you decide to open this website?

As previously mentioned, our knowledge and experience are growing and improving day by day, so we have finally decided to let other people, in addition to our limited inner circle, be part of this opportunity. We want to offer a solid reality in a world often destroyed either by people who do not take seriously what they are doing or by just plain scammers. We want to demonstrate that we are different from the 99% of all the investment websites you can come across. Furthermore, with more people joining in and more money to invest, we will be able to follow bigger projects, that require more capital to invest. We are not hypocrites nor selfish, this is a win win situation for all those involves and we will always be sincere, transparent and coherent.

3- Are you a bank? A financial institution?

No. We are a group of people who is able to maximize our members earnings, the earnings will be generated by theprofit-packs and by the type of investments illustrated in point #1. We do not collect financial-based deposits from our members, we are not a Bank or any kind of Financial Institution.

4- Are you a HYIP program?

No. HYIPs are usually just another name for Ponzi scheme. We manage to work even with only five members, because our cash flow depends from at least 10 different investments, not only from this website. Unlike other website, we can self sustain and we are able to operate even without one hundred new members per day.

A Ponzi scheme is a system that pays members from income generated from new members. Instead, we build multiple assets that generate external revenue and use this to pay our members, and we can not make a time-guarantee when the cashback will be generated as this would depend on our earnings. That's why our system will work for many years to come. We are solid and sustainable.

5- Can I join Sanze Profit for free? 

Of course. You can join us when you want. We have no monthly or yearly membership fee, and we'll never have it.

6- Can I own more than one account?

Absolutely not. You are not allowed to own more than one account. Each account should have its own unique Payeer, Perfect Money and/or bitcoin wallet for deposit and withdrawals. Again, please duly note that only one account is allowed per person. We have security settings that help us to prevent fraud and similar kind of situations.

7- Do I need to buy profit packs to earn?

Yes, you need. It's the only way you have to earn money with us.

8- What kind of Profit Packs do you offer for customers?

We have three profit packs at the moment:

  • Ruthenium, our starter pack. Each share costs $20, and you can buy 30 of them at the most. Maturity of each pack is 110% ROI.
  • Platinum, our intermediate pack. Each share costs $50, and you can buy 50 of them at the most. Maturity of each pack is 120% ROI. You need 30 ruthenium packs to buy a share of platinum.
  • Rhodium, our advanced pack. Each share costs $100, and you can buy 80 of them at the most. Maturity of each pack is 130% ROI. You need 50 platinum packs to buy a share of rhodium.

9- How can I check my account balance?

You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.

10- Is there a refund policy?

No. Due to the nature of the product we sell there will be no refunds on Profit Packs you rent and refund requests will result in termination of your account.

11- How long do it take for Profit Packs to mature?

We cannot and do not provide any time frame for your earnings by our site. We of course have a rough idea on how long it will likely take for each profit-pack type to mature, but we will not advertise it, as we could not back up our statement with facts. However, if you are still unsure, keep following our website and, once the first investment packs close, our members will sure review their experience and it will be easier, even for a person that is new to this type of investment, to guess the approximate time it should take them to profit from this opportunity.

12- What are the withdrawal limits and fees?

Minimum payout is limit is $10. All the withdrawals have a fee of 5%. This is the only fee you have to pay here, for maintenance and server costs. All other money are redistributed to all members. Payout term is 24-72 working hours. All withdrawals will be done manually, due to security reasons.

13- What payment methods do you accept?

We are using and accepting only digital wallets: Perfect Money, Payeer, and crypto-based digital wallets (BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum etc.) through CoinPayments gateway. No bank accounts, no real payment providers. Sanze Profit is already the future.

14- What are the accepted currencies?

We are accepting USD and several Cryptocurrencies as you can see above.

15-  Do deposits are instant?

Yes, they are, depending on the e-currency gateways of course.

16- How can I change my payment details?

You can change them in your account area.

17- What can I do if I forgot my password?

You can request a password reset in the login section.

18- What is the requirement to join Sanze Profit?

You must be at least 18 years of age. Members must read and understand our Terms of Services before joining!

19- How can I increase the security of my account?

  • - Do not share your login, password and other personal information to third parties.
  • - Use complex passwords (numbers, letters, special characters).
  • - Do not click on links in emails from questionable destinations.
  • - Use antivirus software. 
  • - You can setup a 2FA when you register an account, we definitely recommend this for your security and piece of mind.

Please note we implemented confirmation/security codes for every withdraw request, payment address change and e-mail change. Also, when you join our website you need to confirm your account by clicking on the link you receive in your e-mail after the registration. Security is always our top priority.

20- I don't receive your e-mail. What have I to do?

We have a professional mail server and we are 100% sure that all the e-mail we send are delivered to our users. If you don't see the e-mail in your incoming folder, please check your spam folder and you will find it for sure.

21- How can I activate 2FA?

You can activate 2FA in your dashboard, clicking on your username on the top right, and going to settings, and then authentication. If you need some screens to see in details, please check our "How it works?" section.

22- How can I add/change my payment addresses?

You can add/change your payment addresses in your dashboard. Click on your username on the top right, go to settings, and then payment. Fill and save. You will need to confirm this operation by writing the security code you just received in your e-mail.


SANZE PROFIT LIMITED. Updated on September, 2019.